What is a Parking Lot Expression

It was a Friday morning as I was making my way into the office from my car that I first observed two of my co-workers approaching the door. The expressions on their faces reflected a perhaps long work week, challenges of typical office stress with little anticipation at the time of the pending weekend, just one work shift away.

I remarked to a friend that what I observed was a true Parking Lot Expression. It was a real impromtu, instantaneous expression of life in process. Wow! How many millions of times these expressions go unrecognized and even unnoticed in everyones life. There’s no escaping it. We all have them.

It struck me that the parking lot is a true collection point for human expressions. When walking into work, into school, into a wedding, a funeral; when entering the dentist, the doctor; when leaving the doctor when you find you are starting a family, when entering a restaurant to meet old friends, when celebrating an anniversary, a graduation. There are millions of distinct people and expressions.

ParkingLotExpressions exists to celebrate and memorialize these brief human emotions. The look on a face, the glamour of a new outfit, walking tall with pride for a child’s achievement, the excitement of sports, the agony of a defeat. These are all part of us, humanity.

It is my goal and intent to collect and share these moments of feeling. To laugh, to cry, to feel and share the expressions of real people.

I need you to contribute your expressions and those you observe. The compilation of these ParkingLotExpressions will be published with every contributor sharing in the recognition.

If anything it will make a hell of an entertaining coffee table book and mobile app!

Your comments are always welcome.

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