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Why Is My Teen Disrespectful?

No-Nonsense Parenting For Today`s TeenagerWhile it may seem like an alien life form invaded the body of your formerly sweet and lovable child, your teenager really is not that much different than the child you once knew. He or she is simply attempted to establish his or her own identity, and that means separating his or her identity from you as parent. This is a natural and normal process, and you should reassure yourself with the knowledge that it is just a short period of time in the life of your child and it will pass.

Even as teenagers, your children need and want your love. Teens, however, also want you to respect their individuality and their burgeoning independence. When they feel as though they are being treated like a child, if you are being “over” protective, if you expect your teen to believe what you believe and think what you think, your teen will rebel.

Teens are under an enormous amount of pressure. Parents want them to do well in school and get into a good college and make decisions about their future. Teen friends seek to confirm and uphold each others’ ideas, thoughts, and identities and encourage each other to be as independent as possible. Peers pressure each other to try new and risky things, like drinking, drugs, and sex.

No matter what pressures a teen is facing, the ultimate goal of every teen is to seek excitement and fun. It’s not all your teen’s fault, however, because that’s how the brain of a teenager is wired. Decision making for the teenager is not yet centered in the frontal lobe of the brain ? the area in which adult decision making takes place. Teens, until this area of the brain more fully develops and the decision making processes relocated, are not always capable of making the most rational decisions. Most of their decision making (and therefore behavior) is more instinctive.

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