Grind Your Own Coffee for a Great Homemade Brew

Amazon KitchenEvery time you step into a Starbucks outlet to sample your favorite brew, you can’t help but wonder why you have to pay five dollars for it. Surely there must be something you can do, something you can buy, that can help you nail that flavor right at home. These are qualities that a brew contains from coffee that comes fresh out of the coffee grinder – fresh for each cup.

Coffee lovers working towards their own homemade coffee recipes, when they discover that they need a coffee grinder right at home to achieve the depth of taste that they are after, simply make an investment in a good model; but then, they ruin their efforts by forgetting that what the need is to grind fresh. They go ahead and grind up a large batch of coffee beans and leave it in a bottle to use it every morning. You don’t get good coffee by grinding at home. You get good coffee by grinding at home fresh for every cup.

Why does it happen this way? Coffee contains coffee oils. Once these are released in the grinding process and exposed to air, they quickly lose their freshness and start becoming rancid – in a matter of minutes. What you want to do is to keep your coffee beans in one piece for as long as possible before you actually need to brew a cup. Since coffee begins to lose its flavor to whatever medium is around it the moment you grind it, what you want to plan for is to get your ground coffee into a cup of hot water just about as soon as it is the ground.

This little insight will certainly help you save quite a bit of money. You simply don’t have to invest in gourmet coffee. All you need is to buy roasted whole beans at any ordinary supermarket. The expensive ground coffee they sell at Starbucks or at Green Mountain certainly are special; but you need to be a real gourmet enthusiast to be able to tell the difference between these and the reasonably-priced stuff you get at the supermarket.

Using the coffee grinder is simple enough. The machine does all the work for you. Don’t grind the coffee too coarsely. If you are looking for a great brew, you want a finely-ground coffee. Remember, the more finely you grind it, the more the coffee is exposed to the water, and the more easily the goodness of the coffee transfers to the water. And you will also end up using less. Once you’re done grinding, make sure that you clean the grinding area with a damp napkin. You don’t want any old coffee sticking to the grinding area. It will turn bad quickly and ruin the coffee you grind the next day.

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