Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss

Fantastic Ways to Burn Calories - FREE GuideWhen you’re trying to lose weight you need to start and keep up on a good exercise routine. Keep a healthy diet and add exercise to help burn calories. Find the right workout for you and follow these easy tips to keep you on track.

1. Exercise every day. Whether you exercise for 15 minutes or an hour be sure to make time every day for exercising. Regular exercise helps you take weight off and also helps you feel better physically and mentally. If you are serious about losing weight you need to combine diet and exercise.

2. Combine aerobic exercise with flexibility training. The body needs aerobic exercise and flexibility training. To accomplish both you can do separate exercise routines on alternate days or add some simple flexibility exercises to your pre-aerobic warm up.

3. Start slowly. Many overweight people have not been very active. It’s important to start a new exercise routine slowly only doing what you can. As your fitness level increases you can adjust your workout accordingly. Check with your doctor before you begin any new exercise program.

4. Try various exercises to break up the monotony. The more types of exercises you have to choose from the more apt you’ll be to keep up on your exercise program. Always look for new and interesting exercises and be open to trying new workouts.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff ? If you forget to exercise or don’t have time one day don’t worry about it. Simply pick up your routine the next day. Too many dieters think they have failed when they miss just one day of working out.

6. Stay hydrated. The body needs plenty of water ? especially while exercising. Make sure that you keep up your water intake. Plain water has no calories and hydrates just as well as flavored or enhanced water drinks.

7. Add more exercise to your day. Whenever possible try to add a little more exercise to your everyday activities. Walk to the store, ride your bike to the train station or walk up the stairs to add more exercise without the hassle.

Keep a regular exercise schedule. Those who exercise regularly ? the same time every day ? tend to keep up their exercise routines. The body reacts favorably to routines. Find the time that works best for you and stick to it ? even on weekends

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