Type 2 Diabetes

Do Only People Who Are Careless with Their Lives Get Type II Diabetes? Try Telling That to the Celebrities

There is this impression that people have of what it takes to be struck with type 2 diabetes – people think you only get affected if you do something wrong – like living your life entirely on the couch, stubbornly clinging to unhealthy eating habits or being overweight. Somehow, it never seems to make much of an impression, the truth about type 2 diabetes and the kind of people who find themselves affected. Some of the most finely tuned athletes in the world have it. Some of the fittest Hollywood stars have it. If you don’t believe this, here’s a quick rundown of a few celebrities, some known for their athletic prowess and the others for their great Hollywood bods, that you would never believe had it.

Let’s start with the Hollywood star who’s so identifiable for her spectacular commitment to personal fitness, she actually was a Bond girl – it’s the Academy award-winning superstar Halle Berry. When Halle was about 20, she once went into a terrible coma that lasted a full week. When she was taken to the hospital, the doctors for the first time, diagnosed her as having type I diabetes. Type I diabetes is something that condemns you to a lifelong dependency on insulin injections. About five years ago though, Halley announced that she’d gone off insulin and had learned to live without injections of the hormone. Doctors say though that she’s been able to successfully get off her insulin, the doctors who originally diagnosed her diabetes must have made a mistake in saying that she had the type I. Those doctors appear to have made the same mistake the general public does – they looked at her level of personal fitness and decided she couldn’t possibly have the type II diabetes.

When Billie Jean, Michael Jackson’s single from Thriller, hit the big time, people quickly assumed that there must be something in Michael Jackson’s choice of name that referred to the tennis superstar Billie Jean King. Well, the choice of name happens to have been coincidence. The real Billie Jean, the tennis champion, was diagnosed with type II diabetes a while ago. She has the disease because she has a family history of diabetes. Apparently, she suffered from a binge eating disorder sometime in her life. That might have had something to do with why she came down with the disease.

Major League baseball star David “Boomer” Wells, was one of baseball’s greatest left-handed pitchers. Even though he was a star athlete, he did suffer from weight problems and alcoholism. In his autobiography, he actually confesses to having played in some great winning games while he was under the influence. He has been battling type II diabetes for at least five years now. But with healthy changes to his diet and this lifestyle, he is managing just fine without any real assistance from medication.


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