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Better than Expensive Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Amazon Valentines DayValentine’s Day is the time of year when women look expectantly at their boyfriends to see if they pass the romance quotient test, and the time that the boyfriends feel sorely under pressure. Not only that, sometimes boyfriends resent – having to just splurge all of a sudden for no real reason on chocolates, roses and jewelry. And there isn’t even any promise of any “return on the investment”. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that to men, Valentine’s Day feels a lot like tax day. Perhaps there is a way that a compromise can be worked out. A way that women can get the romantic gestures that they look for. And a way that men can save money – with cheap gifts that are still romantic. Here are a few ideas to get romantic. With cheap gifts you can think of as February 14 rolls around.

If you’ve been going out with a woman for no more than two or three weeks, Valentine’s Day can’t be too expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you can go the other way and give her a home-cooked meal. As romantic as that is, it’ll end up looking too intimate. What you can do is to make reservations at a new restaurant that’s kind of offbeat and yet nice and romantic. You can freshen up the proceedings with flowers like tulips or daisies. Don’t go for roses though, as that is likely to be too intimate. The whole outing shouldn’t cost more than $100.

Let’s say that you are going out with someone for many months. You are broke, but you want to make an impression. Here’s a romantic idea that should work out really well – be her butler for an evening or two. Spend $100 on lots of good ingredients to cook her a romantic meal or three with, and buy a few bottles of wine. Tell her that she is not to do anything for the time that you are her butler (personal assistant or anything you wish to call it, Role Play!). She snaps her fingers and there you are with a drink, with food, with a foot rub. Or whatever her imagination can conjure up. Play.

So let’s say that he have a girlfriend you have been going out for several months with now. If there’s one thing about her, it’s that she’s a bit clingy. Not that you mind – it makes you feel wanted. Cheap gifts on Valentine’s for the clingy girlfriend are easy. All you have to do with give her a lot of personal time. There is nothing she would appreciate more. Take her out ice-skating. You’ll be holding hands and there will be hot chocolate. For it to really romantic, go to a less crowded rink. The best part is, the whole outing won’t break the bank.

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