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JewelmintCustom jewelry are created to precise specifications, and no part of a custom piece will ever be mass-produced. Why would i want a custom piece of jewelry?. Many people enjoy the creative freedom of custom work, and also the standard of quality. A piece of jewelry that is aesthetically designed for your taste, instead of mass-market budget, is generally much more painstakingly set and obsessively polished.

Jewelmint are costume jewelry designs that will sell for 70 percent off of retail prices. Jewelmint customers receive one piece of jewelry each month for a monthly membership. The designs typically retail for more than $100, Jewelmint says. Users can skip any month, and avail themselves of free shipping and easy returns. In addition to the site’s e-commerce functionality, Jewelmint features facebook and twitter social media integration, which subscribers can use to ask for their friends’ opinions before or after purchasing. As for the brand’s public faces, bosworth and coulter will be lending their style credibility, as Bosworth is a noted Fashionista and Coulter has styled clients such as actresses Michelle Williams and Sienna Miller, as well as editorial spreads in top fashion magazines.

Jewelmint is a fashion club that monthly recommendations are personalized to the fashion tastes of the shopper as defined by the results of a fashion quiz that is taken as part of the registration process. The quiz is like a dialog with a personal shopper. The quiz itself attracts shoppers ? it is fun and inspirational. Uses a similar fashion quiz approach. Shoppers are asked to choose between visual choices in a series of questions regarding celebrity looks. The results of the quiz generate a personalized fashion algorithm that matches products with the tastes and preferences of individual members.

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