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How Can We Change Our Lifestyles To Stop Global Warming?

We can first get more energy efficient and environmentally friendly automobiles. We can replace the diesal trucks with hybrid, electic, or biofuel cars. We can stop mowing the lawns so much and get lawn mowers that pollute less (that means replacing old lawn mowers from 20 years ago with he ones today that are much more energy efficient and pollute less.)
People can stop using aerosols to clean or spray paint. Some aerosols do have a symbol that says that they are environmentally safe- use those instead of ones that do not.
Instead of using coal and other non-renewable resources, energy can be derived from wind turbines and water power. It might be more costly, but they are both renewable resources and provide endless amounts of power.
People can start walking, carpooling, or riding bikes to work instead of driving. It is unecessar to drive somewhere that is only a few blocks away. Not only will it be good for the environment, but it will be a good source of exercise.
People can start recycling plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, and aluminum instead of throwing them in the trash. Landfills have a high percentage of items that can be recycled or composted (food). These landfills give off large amounts of methane, which is a greenhouse gas. If the amount of things being sent to the landfill was lowered, it would be possible for less methane to be produced.
We can also learn to conserve energy. We can replace light bulbs in our house with more efficient fluorescent bulbs. People can turn off lights, heaters, air conditioners, fans, and tv’s when they leave the house so that electricity is not wasted. Instead of using gas stoves, they can be replaced with electric stoves.