Why I won’t Vote for Romney

Amazon MusicLike most conservatives, it is hard for me to wrap my arms around someone who is so apparently detached from middle America. It’s not just his wealth, but the lack of fiscal conservatism in his attempts to buy the GOP nomination. He’s like a athlete that performs for the glory of the win, the medal, the position of “President of the United States”. I do not believe he has a real love of anything other than winning and money.

Santorum on the other hand is a true conservative. He may have made some awry decisions in his past, but who hasn’t. The problem I have with him, is that I do not believe he is a leader. He has similiar inexperienced traits that I see in Obama. Can he really make the tough decisions or will he buckle, like Obama. To his credit, I do believe he loves America and has his best intentions in heart.

I still like Newt. I like his experience, not necessarily his historic accuracy, but I like his position on the issues. I believe you have to be a Washington insider in order to deal with the competative experience that is thrown against you by the other branches. I believe Newt has America in his heart and truly relates to all Americans. I am glad he is willing to take the nomination to the convention and keep the target in site. I believe he CAN beat Obama and will provide the world leadership needed as the President of the United States.

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