Size Matters

Samsung Galaxy MiniThe advantages of an unlocked phone are obvious. You get the freedom to opt for any cell phone carrier of your choice. If you do not find the service to be satisfactory, you can simply change the SIM card. It lets you use other SIM cards when you are traveling out of country.

Having an unlocked phone gives you the flexibility to use another carrier’s services, namely the carrier of whatever SIM card you put in your Unlocked GSM phone. For example, using a local SIM card from France gives you the local wireless service in France which tends to save money and eliminate roaming and long distance charges.

I had the Galaxy S3 for 2 years. It’s a great phone, but I soon tired of the added size in my pocket. Friends of mine that opted for the Samsung Note experienced similar issues. Great on the onset, but too big!

So far 4 people have ordered the Samsung Mini who have the S3 and Note. It’s a great phone. Quite responsive, regardless of it slower processor and a SWEET display size.

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